Things to do after getting Green Card

1. Fill up new I-9 with your employer. This is a MUST because your status had been just “adjusted” so old I-9 form becomes invalid. Attach a copy of your Green card with I-9.

2. Approval notice says that you need to carry original with you at all times. But since it’s a valuable document and hard to replace, you may not feel secure to carry the original. Here is the recommendation…
Make a copy of the front and back of the Green card and carry that at all times. If the law enforcement official asks for it, you can provide this and tell them you have the original at home.

3. The I-94 that you have isn’t really relevant any more. It is best to carry it with you when you travel out of the country and hand it over at the exit(airlines). It just closes the loop.

4. You don’t need to carry anything other than your passport and the Green card when you travel outside. Although it may vary from airport to airport, you can most likely stand in the fast Citizens line! So you would be able to get out of airport in minutes!

5. You see that you have a note on your SSN which says something like “INS authorization needed to work”. It really doesn’t matter but you can get new card without this note if you chose. You need to go to local SSN office to get this done.

6. There is only one difference between you and a citizen. That is, you cannot be outside the country for more than 6 months in an year. If you stay outside USA for more than 6 months then it is considered that you abandoned your GC. But there are ways to get authorization to stay longer than 6 months outside but it needs to be done prior to your travel.

7. Official govt document for new immigrants:
Welcome to the United States – A Guide for New Immigrants

Enjoy your Green Card!

P.S: Even after getting your Green card you need to report of any address change with in 10 days.

You are required to notify USCIS of any change of address within 10 days of the change. You need to fill Form AR-11 to change address with USCIS.

Online address change:
You can also send hard copy using
Note: Check for latest info on this at

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