Petition to allow filing of EAD and AP upon I-140 approval

Request from fellow NRI desis…

Take few minutes time to fill the Petition form to allow I-765(EAD) and I-131(AP) upon 140 Approval.
They require 25,000 member to sign up for this, as of now only 3,797 members singed up. 21,403 more signature are required by end of DEC 9, 2012.

Please fill the form and forward to your friends.

Filing for I-765 (EAD) and I-131 (AP) is not allowed currently unless the priority date is current as per the monthly Visa Bulletin. Allowing to file for these two applications upon I-140 approval would make lives of several thousands of people waiting in line for priority dates more secure and stop/limit sending money to overseas and spur investment in US, especially in housing industry resulting in more US jobs.

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